About the NCA Blog

As a CCSD School Board member, I am frequently contacted directly by district residents with questions, comments, concerns, support and requests. While some of these contact points are very individual and specific to that person, most are not. Most are concerns, questions and comments that many of you share.

With this blog, I hope to create a sort of FAQ of my (NOT the entire Board's) position, point of view, response, etc. I speak for myself, I do not speak for the entire Board. I have no regular timetable for posting. I welcome your feedback and comments. I plan to moderate any comments you wish to post here. As editor, I will have final say on all decisions. My standards are accuracy, civility and relevancy. I also reject Anonymous comments.

From time to time I may write something that has nothing to do with the school district. Apologies if that is distracting. Feel free to ignore it.

You may also wish to send comments directly to me at Comments@newcastlealternative.com or leave a voice mail for me using the below link. on Twitter @JSMCCSDBoE

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