Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday Feb 15th Board Meeting Tweets and Anonymous Questions

I have been asked why there is no way to comment anonymously at Board meetings. The complaint is that there is a fear of retribution.

I have a possible solution. I intend to bring my laptop and try to Tweet the major points made. My Twitter handle is JSMCCSDBOE. (BIG HUGE Disclaimer: I am new at Tweeting and I want to focus on the presentation myself, so I may miss Tweeting a lot.)

If you are in the audience and do not want to ask a question yourself, send an email to me, during the meeting and I will try to ask it for you. All questions will be considered anonymous unless you "opt-in" and ask for it to not be anonymous. You do not even have to sign your name. I will do my best to ask them at the meeting. No guarantees, but I will pledge my best efforts.

Feel free to send the questions in advance too if the question is more general and not directly tied to what is presented.

Also, know that item 2.2 on the agenda is my proposal to add my district email address and a personal phone number to my entry on the member page. I feel strongly that residents should have the ability to contact me directly if they so desire rather than going through the general email. I believe in transparency. To email any Board member or for that matter any staff in the district that has district email, use the first two letters of the first name with the last name For example, Jerry Garcia would be



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