Thursday, October 13, 2011

From the Board's Vantage Point

This was taken at the beginning of the October 11th meeting. This is what the Board sees when it looks out to the audience. On the right are loyal Board observers from the PTA.  In the front on the left, Mr. And Mrs. Weitz, longtime residents of Chappaqua interested in education and the budget. In the back on the left are district administrators. (Tom from the Patch had not yet arrived. Nobody attended from NewCastleNOW).

There were two presentations at this meeting. One, from the district's outside auditor who gave the district an unqualified opinion (best you can get), and two, from Professor Chris Dede of Harvard University who is an expert on the use of technology in the classroom and its value to the learning process.  Professor Dede's presentation was particularly well received.

Also, the Sports Boosters asked for and received approval to have fire works for homecoming!  Jim Nottingham crossed the "i"s and dotted the "t"s including bringing the fire marshal to assure us of the safety of the fireworks.  District's insurance carrier has also weighed in.

Several other community members also were in attendance but eluded this picture.

Note:  This photo has been edited.

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