Sunday, August 29, 2010

Follow-Up to 5095 Web Publishing Policy

Recently, in your back to school mailing that has information from the district and PTA, was included the form (link to form here*)to fill out regarding our changing the Wed Publishing Policy 5095 from an "opt-in" to an "opt-out". (See this post for details.)

I strongly suggest that you read this mailing carefully. I have chosen to "opt-out" by checking the second option. This is the option that will give you back your rights to control your child's privacy.

Read the paragraph just above where you fill in your child's name. Know that what is not written in that paragraph is that if you do not return the form by September 17th, the district, as per paragraph one of the form, WILL ASSUME that you DO give permission to print your child's picture anywhere on the web as long as the picture or the work is not identified by name. If you do not want the district to have that right, you need to proactively "opt-out" by checking the second choice.

* Careful, clicking the link will force open a pdf file either in your browser or in a separate Adobe Reader window.

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