Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Response to Developer Spokesman Claim

I do not speak for the District or the School Board. I am speaking from my own recollections.

In an article in the Patch today, spokesman for the developer Geoff Thompson said, "...that the school board has only met with them one (sic) in the past few years, and that they have made unsuccessful attempts to talk with them."

As School Board President from the time of our submission to the DEIS in September of 2009 thru the end of my term in 2010, I was never contacted by Mr. Thompson or any representatives of the developer. If a request to meet with the School Board was made in July or August of this year, I was not made aware of that request. To the best of my knowledge, since July 1st of this year, no attempt was made to give the School Board a look at any draft new proposal nor did we have the opportunity to comment to the developer (or Town) in advance of this joint session. And, in fact, the School Board did meet with the developer early in the process (I would need to look back at old agendas to get the specific date) which I believe is the one time to which he refers. Edit: The developer did ask to meet with the School Board in the summer of 2009. We felt after being ignored previously that additional meetings were unnecessary.

Quite frankly, I am not sure what a meeting would accomplish. Was Mr. Thompson implying that in a meeting, if we had only told them of our concerns, they would have addressed them? If so, the developer can certainly proactively choose to implement any one of my 4 suggestions at any time.



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