Friday, October 8, 2010

1X/wk Garbage Collection

The Town of New Castle recently re-considered changing the weekly garbage pickup from two times per week and one recycle pickup to one garbage and one recycle pickup per week. While I would prefer the twice weekly schedule, I would happily accept the once per week if the Town took that $200,000 per year savings and returned it to the taxpayer.

Granted, it would only be $37 per household, but if we all pledge to take that $37 reduction and spend it in town with one of our local merchants, the entire community would be better off. I would much prefer our local merchants get some stimulus spending than a corporate garbage hauling operation. Also, it seems more appropriate to spend the money in town than to just reallocate it in the budget. I would be disappointed if the savings is used to mask other issues in the budget or to pay for something else.

Let's applaud the town for finding savings and a method to help stimulate the local economy. What other services can be cut and the money returned to the tax payer? I would pledge to spend that locally too.



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