Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Follow-up to "Just the FACTS Ma'am"

The usual disclaimers apply. I am not speaking for the School Board, I am speaking as an individual. (Refrigerate after opening. Shake well before each use. Your mileage may vary. Past performance means bupkis.)

In trying to understand the point of view of the report commissioned by the town board by FACTS Presentation Services, Inc., I thought I would Google search the firm and find out what their area of expertise was. I searched on the string using quotes "FACTS presentation services". These are the results. Most of the results came from this report itself. I could not find a website nor do they list a website on their letterhead. Mr. Paul K. DeMay lists an AOL email address for his company email. That in and of itself means nothing other than it appears as if there is no company domain name or web presence.

From the search results, I found this page on which is part of Martindale-Hubbell. It lists the areas of expertise as, "Medical Experts & Consultants, Mental Health, Psychology - Educational Matters". It does not list real estate expertise nor does it list anything having to do with demographic projections. Certainly, M-H could be an incomplete list.

I also searched on "Paul K. Demay" and found even less information. All 10 results were related to the Reader's Digest project. Maybe my google-fu is failing me, but at the least FACTS Presentation Services, Inc. is not an easy firm on which to gather information and credentials.

Maybe the Town Board can point to other studies Paul K. Demay or FACTS Presentation Services has completed or other work he has done in the area of demographic projections.

If anyone has any information on this firm such as a website, promotional material, a list of clients, a list of reports, etc, please send it to me at



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#1A said...

As of the 23rd of November, some 4 weeks after this post, I have received zero information on either FACTS or Paul K Demay. Anyone?

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