Monday, November 21, 2011

2008 Greeley Grad Earns Rhodes Scholarship

Edit:  Here is a link to the district website story that is much better written and more complete than below.  Again, congrats to Brett!


Brett Rosenberg 2008 Horace Greeley graduate and current Harvard University student was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship on Sunday.  At Harvard, her focus/concentration is history.  At Greeley she was an all-around terrific student (natch), star of the cross-country team and wonderful person/friend according to several people I spoke to today.

HGHS principal, Andrew Selesnick said, "You could not ask for a nicer, more deserving young woman to win such a prestigious award."  Her father, Marc Rosenberg, quoted in the Daily Chappaqua said, "She was extremely excited when she called us."

Brett is also a writer.  A good writer with a sense of humor.  Here is a link to some of what she wrote for the Harvard Magazine.  I particularly like the "Black and White—and the Red, White, and Bluearticle.

Congratualtions, Brett!  Off to Oxford University.  Cheers, mate.

The Daily Chappaqua posted this article late this evening. 

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