Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Idea/Experiment to Try to Facilitate Communication

I set up a new blog, CCSD Community Comments, ( so that anyone who wishes to comment to me on School Board subjects, anonymously or named, can do so. This idea came about when an anonymous commenter on NCN complained that we as Board of Ed members may not be reading NCN on a regular basis.  The new site will serve as sort of a public wall where anyone is free to post comments with the expectation that I will read them all.

The way the new site is setup, there is no need to wait for a post (or in the case of the Patch or NCN a story) about a specific topic.  I posted three blank posts, title only with a one sentence body explaining the subject,  that will allow for comments to be posted immediately without moderation.  (I reserve the right to delete spam, personal attacks and inappropriate comments.)  Also, NCN does not post comments on a timely basis which is a significant hindrance to having an active conversation with your neighbors.  This addresses the time lag which often leads to people talking over one another or at one another, not with each other.  With this new site, comment any time on any subject and I will read it.  Your neighbors can also read all the comments and can comment themselves.  Real time.  The three comment areas are: 1) General Comments, 2) Middle School Schedules and 3) the Budget.  I will add topics as warranted.

I will continue to make this the site where I post my content.  You are still welcome  to post comments here, although I do not accept anonymous comments on this site.

I must disclaim that this new site (and this one you are reading now) is a personal site of mine, has nothing to do with the district or the district's site or any other Board member.  Of course, anyone is free to read it and post on it.  If it turns out to be a civilogue (civil dialogue on the important relevant issues the CCSD is facing), maybe the district and the town could find a way to host their own discussions.

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